Racing Miku: The Sexy Vocaloid!

Racing Miku 2 Racing Miku: The Sexy Vocaloid!

Miku Hatsune the aqua-haired diva is probably one of the biggest stars in Japan. Starting out like most Pop Idol’s singing on computer screens after the USER typed in the words on the Vocaloid 2 music program.

From these over the counter roots Miku became a featured music video star on YouTube. She had finally hit the big time and her agent got her gigs in retail sold CD’s, MP3’s, video games, action figures and graphic’s for race cars.

The Good Smile Company has hired her as their Race Queen and Pit Crew mascot.

Racing Miku 682x1024 Racing Miku: The Sexy Vocaloid!

Illustrated by RedJuice, Racing Miku has become a very popular incarnation of the Vocaloid 2 diva with a massive amount of photos, cosplay, and collectibles.

Racing Miku 5 767x1024 Racing Miku: The Sexy Vocaloid!

Already available are mini Nendroid figures that feature a small car that resembles the Porshe race car with Miku graphics. The figurines are dressed in their matching Race Queen/Umbrella Girl outfits and the set sells for a lot of Yen. However, for those who like the Nendroid figurines, it’s worth every coin.

Racing Miku 6 e1297002688163 Racing Miku: The Sexy Vocaloid!

It’s a small photo, but this official shot of one of the Good Smile Company’s models holding these Nendroid figures gives an idea of their scale.

Racing Miku 3 Racing Miku: The Sexy Vocaloid!
For my tastes, the large fully detailed action figure size Miku is what I want and have pre-ordered.
This Racing Miku is about 9 inches tall and features immaculate detail down the the threading of her outfit. She has her air wrench and tool belt–all with amazing detail–just don’t let her under the hood of the car or your auto might be: Found On the Road Dead!

Racing Miku 4 Racing Miku: The Sexy Vocaloid!
The figure is sculpted exactly in the image of the official RedJuice art and has a clear stand.

More of a statue than an action figure, Racing Miku is available for pre-order on a few websites for an average of $100.00–very high but, worth it for the detail. I highly recommend NOT going to a site that is attached to the U.S. I’ve been screwed before with a figure that was Japan only and what they do is send it to a company to open and check it for “something” and then stuff it back in the package, slap a sticker on it somewhere and sell it for full price.

All collectors know that once a figure is opened, it’s worthless. Oh yeah…and it’s not NEW either–so charging full price is a form of robbery.

I would recommend which is where I got mine, but the pre-order is sold out. Look around, some sites have to have it still.

Once again, Good smile has a winner on their hands. With world wide appreciation for Miku Hatsune they can keep making new products and changing her image for a 100% success rate in sales and following.

They got me.

GRADE: for the statue…Well, I’ll have to tell you when I have it in my hands in May when it’s supposed to be shipped–until then…I’ll give it an A–for what I saw.

pixel Racing Miku: The Sexy Vocaloid!

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