Under The Radar: 10 More Must See Movies to Netflix Now (2011 edition)

500 Days of Summer1 Under The Radar: 10 More Must See Movies to Netflix Now (2011 edition)

It’s another snowy and messy winter here in the northeast so I decided it was time to give everyone 10 more movies to add to your netflix queue right now. January is traditionally the worst month for movies on the box office calendar and this January is no different so far, so stay home, stay warm and rent some really good movies that flew under the radar right now.

Stardust-This was a big budget fantasy movie that didn’t exactly fly under the radar, but has never achieved the classic status it so richly deserved. The best fantasy movie in years, expertly cast and played, and magical from start to finish

The King of Kong-Entertaining, hilarious documentary and struggle between good and evil played out over a title regn for the classic game Donkey Kong. Steve Weibe is the good while the sinister, smarmy Billy Mitchell is the evil. A hot-sauce tycoon and all-around jerk with a stable of nerds protecting his records and backside. Billy Mitchell always has a plan, and your plan should be to rent this engaging, funny documentary.

Trick R Treat-Awesome horror anthology movie that sadly went direct to DVD in the United States. It’s a must see for fans of horror and mixes gore with giggles masterfully.

500 Days of Summer-My hero JGL and Zooey Deschanel star in this funny, heartbreaking hipster romantic comedy about two people who meet cute then watch as their relationship slowly falls apart. The distance between our expectations and reality are far apart and this movie has a stinging truth that certainly rings true. Director Marc Webb is tackling Spider-man next, can’t wait to see how that turns out.

Exit Through The Gift Shop- Weird, wonderful “documentary” about street artists presented by the famous UK artist Banksy. The documentary has sparked debate about how real it all is but that hardly matters, it’s fast, funny, odd, and truly original. Entertaining as Hell.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me- David Lynch’s long and strange prequel to Twin Peaks was rejected by many critics and fans for being too depraved and disturbing. Those are the movie’s strong points, along with chilling performances from Ray Wise and Sheryl Lee as the pretty but doomed prom queen Laura Palmer. Lynch digs deep and exposes the scab of small-town Americana.

The New World– Terrence Mallick’s gorgeous take on Pocahontas and John Smith is an amasing visual treat. Deftly told, slowly placed, but gorgeous to look at, The New World is a must-see look at the clash between the old world and the newly developing one.

Centurion– Neil Marshall strikes back after his smash hit The Descent with this bloody, brilliant look at the mysterious Ninth Legion in Rome. Essentially a chase picture with gore and style to spare, it follows a small band of surviving Romans on the run from a vicious army of Picts. High action and little nonsense or “political intrigue” that does nothing but slow down the pacing of most period action epics.

Scott Pilgrim Vs the World– Funny, fast-paced and videogame-inspired, Scott Pilgrim was a box office dud but remains one of my favorite movies of they year. Perfectly cast, swiftly played, it’s an epic win, a kind of Eternal Sunshine for the Videogame Mind.

Oceans- Visually stunning, this Disney nature documentary is well worth seeing on your biggest screen. Oriignally a French movie and narrated now in english, it loses little of its charm or visual splendor. A must see for audiences of all ages.

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pixel Under The Radar: 10 More Must See Movies to Netflix Now (2011 edition)

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