Radical Collectible: Bane!

In the early 90’s the character Bane came out of nowhere and in a few comic stories he freed all of the villains from Arkham, plotted the destruction of Batman and then finished the job by breaking Bruce Wayne’s back.

Bane 1 704x1024 Radical Collectible: Bane!

Many action figures have been made depicting this brute but none as animated as this Justice League Unlimited model.
Sculpted after his appearance in the 4th season of Batman: The Animated Series, Bane is buff, detailed and armed with his VENOM injector. Sporting clenched teeth, his mask and even a spiked collar, Bane looks as though he can take on any animated Batman figure and at least stand up to him–as long as it’s not an animated Jean Paul Valley who kicked Bane’s ass in Batman 500!

Bane 2 727x1024 Radical Collectible: Bane!

The package is basic, but the bubble shows a ton of the figure itself. The back of the card has a short bio and some character art from the episode “Over The Edge” from season 4 of Batman: The Animated Series.

Awesome figure, but, currently it was only available from Mattycollector.com and as usual, they are sold out.

pixel Radical Collectible: Bane!

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