Rant of the Week: Bank of America Consumers, WATCH OUT!

BOANINJA Rant of the Week: Bank of America Consumers, WATCH OUT!

Bank of America has charged me with sneaky hidden fees, specifically, overdraft charges. If you hold a bank account with Bank of America or ANY of its new affiliates, HERE’S SOME INFO YOU MUST READ!

I got shafted and shafted good by B of A recently. I’ve been with B of A for a couple years now and things were ok until recently. Long story short, I had X amount of funds within B of A. With purchases I made, I was in the overdraft pending stage. Having dealt with this sorta thing before, I quickly placed enough money, so I had some positive balance in the account. I also made sure I had no pending charges from any purchases I may have made in that past month.

So I let everything sit there for about 3 days and when I get back to my online banking, BOOM! Some of the same charges are there in the pending stages! WTF!? and its overdrawn with NO OVERDRAFT FEE APPLIED YET! (keyword “YET”) So it’s a few dollars overdrawn and I call a rep and she chit chats with me and goes over some of the “rules” that are never easy to find. If you ask me, it should be IN FRONT THE ATM.  Important info is located at the side of the machine, when you make a 90 degree turn, AND NOT ON YOUR ONLINE BANKING TRANSACTION PAGE! She ASSURES me that if I place those extra funds in my account, I will be fine. So I am fed up with this shit and decide to cover my poor ass one more time. So I rush again for the 2nd time that week and place some more funds into my account.

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BOA1 Rant of the Week: Bank of America Consumers, WATCH OUT!

I wait a day or two, and I check my shit because of paranoia  These rat bastard ninja fucks have me overdrawn again, with one of the old pending transactions I thought I covered!

So Im in the red again and decide to call and bitch about it and what not. After the run around and the, “we can’t help you” BS, I decide to just go to Bank of America personally. I go to B of A and was greeted by this little rat-fuck who can’t even talk right, stuttering all over himself (cool, whatever) So I tell him I would like to speak with a manager. He tried to give me the run around saying that the manager is not there and that he would try and *cough*rape!*cough* help me. I say, “NO! Please get me a manager, or if the person is not here, the supervisor of the bank!” I tell him also that I would like a room to handle this matter privately. He says ok and seats me in the waiting area. I wait a good 45 min and he comes back and says hes going to “take care of me.” (Prior to the sitting I gave him my bank card so he could look up my shit and determine his rat moves.) So he takes me in front of that teller table out in the fucking open, and has me sit there. So we talk and I explain everything and he says he can’t do anything for me and tries to point out it’s my fault!


After bickering back in forth and I’m already at a loss for words, he unknowingly points out the issue as he tries to use his computer monitor to show me where I am in the wrong. I see a summary of my transactions with one CRITICAL BIG DIFFERENCE, the dumbass pointed out on the screen that there are 2 vertical bars, one with information of the transactions, and the other, times of clearing and processing. The 2nd bar is what we don’t see at all and is what Bank of America goes by! I clearly saw this side bar with my own eyes O_O :  I put enough money to cover the payments and the time it was deposited.  But they go by that other bar next to it: My deposit wasn’t on time for the payments.

I told him, the reason we use online banking is to gauge ourselves and that online banking is a tool for this purpose! This mother fucker started stuttering up a storm that quickly turned into a hurricane! He said I should have all my transactions hand written in a book or some shit and kept saying, “Its like when you fill out a check.” I NEVER FILL OUT ANY CHECKS, BITCH! WHO THE FUCK USES CHECKS THIS DAY IN AGE?! I asked, so why the online banking!?? AND WHY DON’T WE SEE THIS SIDE BAR YOU GUYS GO BY. I asked him, “DON’T YOU THINK, WE AS CONSUMERS COULD BENEFIT GREATLY FROM THIS? DON’T YOU THINK WE DESERVE THIS!” The rat fuck stuttered an ocean full of “I ,D,D,,D,D,D,D,Dunn know w,w,w,wwhy your bank doesn’t provide you with this??” Because, you make money on saps like me who don’t bother to read the all countless junkmail you send.

You can’t expect me to read all the shit and garbage you send unless labeled IMPORTANT.

END OF STORY, I did some online research and turns out there was change of practices with Bank of America recently, trying to sap people’s money in a sneaky way. They said they sent me a mail, but like I said, unless labeled important, it’s all junk mail to me. On top of that, we should go by transaction records that are presented to us by tools that they have provided.

People! If you have B of A, look this up or cancel your account before they shaft you too, not just this way, but like many of the customers in this link I am about to provide. Turns out I was not the only one with this exact issue.


pixel Rant of the Week: Bank of America Consumers, WATCH OUT!

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