Rant of The Week: Fanboys

fanboy Rant of The Week: Fanboys

Urbandictionary describes a fanboy as:

A person who is completely loyal to a game or company regardless if they suck or not.

I was at blockbuster renting a movie when I started a conversation with an employee about the movie, Jumper. For some reason, it lead to my brother asking the employee if he already played MGS 4. His reply was a stern “No, I’m not going to get a PS3. It’s not worth it.” This was a valid answer because MGS 4 is the first AAA game of the console (I’m sorry but the overrated Resistance is not a great game.). Then the employee starts talking about how there’s only a couple of games he wants to play for the PS3 and they won’t come out anytime soon. I asked him “what about the blu-ray player?” His response was that he would just get a stand alone player. I didn’t want to argue with him but I was thinking that if he spent an extra $100, he would get a game system and the best blu ray player in the market, the PS3. The fanboy in him that caused him to be illogical.

Then I remember what might have triggered my brother to ask about MGS 4. About three weeks ago, I bought GTA 4 for the PS3 from the same employee using store credit. He tried to convince me to get the Xbox 360 version because of the exclusive downloadable content. I told him I probably won’t care about the new levels by the time its released. I cared more about the better graphics and a somewhat better audio that the PS3 counterpart provided. Then the employee still tried to convince me that I would regret my decision and the graphics is only slightly better(which could be true but I’m basing the graphics based on the reviews from various websites.). At the end, I bought the PS3 version. Maybe, unconsciously, my brother was trying to piss him off.

Just like most fanboys, the employee was knowleadgeable about the video game industry. But it’s his loyalty to the Xbox 360 made him a zombie: Everything PS3 is bad, while any move MS made was great! It annoys me when video game nerds cannot appreciate what each company has to offer. These fanboys are only limiting themselves to one company and missing out on great games on other systems.

To tell you the truth, I was a Nintendo fanboy until PS2 came out. I came to my senses that PS2 had great games that Nintendo will never have. I swallowed my pride and bought a PS2. Then I enjoyed exclusive PS2 games: Grand Theft Auto 3 and Medal of Honor. Today, I have two next gen systems: an Xbox 360 and a PS3. I don’t have a WII because I’m not a big fan of the games they offer but I won’t hate on it. WII is an innovative system that has been accepted by gamers and non gamers alike. It’s also whooping the 360’s and PS3’s booty in sales.

So to the fanboys out there: Please open your mind and enjoy other products. You’ll be enjoying your life more!

pixel Rant of The Week: Fanboys

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