Rant of The Week – MGS 4 Cutscenes

mgs4 t 52 Rant of The Week   MGS 4 Cutscenes

I just beat the game as well and DAMN, are the cutscenes long. Some probably range from 30-40 minutes. It seemed like I was watching more cut scenes than actually playing the game. Hideo Kojima, the creator and director of the game just doesn’t know when to end his cut scenes. I know he’s going for the cinematic experience but I want to play, not watch a movie.

Even the ending is overly bloated. Just when it already has a perfect ending, we get more scenes that just stops the momentum.

So I thought we get this tragic ending where Solid kills himself. Good ending by me since it seemed like that’s the only way Solid can avoid/start future conflicts. But after the credits, we find out he didn’t kill himself and we have more boring explanation about Big Boss and Zero that must have lasted at least 20 minutes.

Also, what’s the deal with most of the characters surviving at the end of the game? Kojima directs it like some of them will die, especially Raiden sacrificing himself and Meryl’s men getting shot up in Europe. Yet, in the end, we get a happy ending.

Also, Otacon reminded of Peter Parker in Spider Man 3, crying like a little bitch after he lost Naomi.

End of Spoilers

If Kojima decides to make part 5, I hope he cuts it down with the cut scenes and focus more on the actual gameplay. It seemed like without the cut scenes, the game can be beaten in about 3-4 hours.

pixel Rant of The Week   MGS 4 Cutscenes

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