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There’s too much crap in our pop culture that we’ve decided to have a new weekly article on it. So without further ado:

I netflix’d this movie after seeing potential in the film. Boy was I wrong. The first rant goes to a movie that defies logic and unnecessary plot twists. It’s directed by the great James Wan, director of the also incoherent Saw and stars Kevin Bacon. If you guessed Death Sentence, you are right. It’s suppose to be a new version of the classic franchise, Death Wish. But what we got was a boring and tedious movie with a crappy message. Where to start with this crapfest:

SPOILERS AHEAD – So if you haven’t seen it… you should still read it to save you pain and anguish. You’ll thank me later.

1) Even though it’s from the writer of Death Wish, Kevin Bacon was a wuss. After his first kill, he doubts himself and starts panicking. He doesn’t kick ass in a supposedly kick ass movie.

2) We have some emo tattoo’d bad guys who supposedly lives in the hood but dresses like they live in Hollywood (yes, that’s them in the picture). What’s worse is that all of them are white, sans the token black guy. They cry and get sensitive when one of their buddies gets killed.  Best part was when they had that slo mo walk towards the funeral home. Reminded me of Armageddon when Bruce Willis and his crew were about to takeoff. Which leads me to my next point…

3) The message – We’re suppose to feel sorry for the emo bad guys because it’s the society that raised them this way. Get it, Bacon becomes one of them at the end and understand where the emos are coming from.

4) The twist – The first emo getting killed by Bacon turns out to be the main bad guy’s brother. Ohhh didn’t see that one coming…but wait there’s more: John Goodman is their dad. Who gives a shit?

5) Oh yes, there’s a foot chase scene that is overly long and reminded me of Rumble In The Bronx. So the emos start chasing Bacon in the daytime where there are hundreds of witnesses. But the bad guys don’t care, they start pulling out their guns in public and start shooting Bacon. Too bad they don’t know how to aim. Then Bacon ends up in a parking structure and starts hitting every car so the alarms go off. It would have made sense if no one was aware that our hero was being chased by a group of emos. After more running, Bacon jumps out of a car as it falls from about 5 floors. I guess James Wang is a big Jackie Chan fan.

6) Then we have the the useless female detective. She starts blaming Bacon for all the trouble and tells him to stop being a wussy vigilante. It would have been better if she just arrested all the emos. Then the useless cops gets killed by the villains. Is it really that easy to kill cops, yet they couldn’t chase down Kevin Bacon?

This was one of the worst movies I’ve seen. It’s suppose to be serious but the logic in this movie is just plain absurd. I couldn’t even watch the entire movie, I had to fast forward it to the action scenes. Do yourself a favor and don’t watch this piece of crap.

pixel Rant of The Week   Death Sentence

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