Real Superhero Gets Ass Kicked

phoenix jones Real Superhero Gets Ass Kicked

We showed you guys the news clip of Phoenix Jones last week braving the streets of Washington to fight crime.  When I saw the clip, I doubted the authenticity of it but I saw  my local news reporting on the real life superheroes as well, so it had to be real.  AOL has reported that Jones got an assailant in a headlock as he called 911 to report the crime.  But then, the assailant has several cronies with him and one was carrying a gun.  He let go of the assailant, fearing for his life and got viciously attacked.  He got a broken nose from the incident and the bad guys are still on the loose.  But just like comic book heroes, Jones isn’t giving up anytime soon.  He said he’ll be back patrolling the streeets in no time to protect the weak.

Gotta give respect to a man who loves protecting his community!  I just hope this one has a happy ending.

pixel Real Superhero Gets Ass Kicked

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