A Real TMNT Van

turtles van04 A Real TMNT Van

Brittney Schneck, a 23-year-old college student decided to build a TMNT van because it brought back memories.

“The Turtles played a huge role in my childhood,” Schneck said. “Growing up with all my male cousins, playing Ninja Turtles while my Uncle Harry (Uncle Shredder) chased us around doing an exact voice of The Shredder. He used to drive us all around in his Caravan, and when I see one, I just think of the Turtles and all the memories.”

turtles van02 A Real TMNT Van

turtles van03 300x223 A Real TMNT Van
Awesome toy!!!

I can relate, and I can only wish I had my own turtle van, it’d be an amazing babe magnet!

More pics here.

pixel A Real TMNT Van

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