MMA Ref Taps Out!

This fight took place at Evolution Fighting Champions.  Ben Syers knocked out his opponent, Bobby Ascolillo in several seconds.  The ref, Keith Peterson, did the right thing and immediately jumped in between both fighters to stop the fight and protect Ascolillo.  What happened next is one of the funniest MMA moments in recent years. Not knowing that the fight was stopped, Ascolillo, inadvertently took down the ref.  Worked his way from a side mount, where the ref taps and secured a full mount. 

0 MMA Ref Taps Out!

Ascolillo’s transition was smooth, too bad he was doing it to the wrong person.  The ref is supposedly good at brazilian jiu jitsu but was caught off guard.  He didn’t want to harm the fighter, that’s why he tapped so he might let go.  Either way, it’s a funny video.

pixel MMA Ref Taps Out!

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