Reminder to Blu Ray Dark Knight Owners

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Christopher Nolan, the director of Dark Knight will have a community screening tomorrow at, 12/18/08, at 6pm, pacific time. First 100,000 people registered to the event will have access to the screening through their blu ray players. Click here to register and find out the details. This will be my first community screening but from what I understand, you can ask questions while the movie is playing and the director will answer. I’m sure it’ll be filtered out but hopefully Nolan will give hints about the third movie and some insight what went on behind the scenes. I’ll be going to work early tomorrow so I can leave early and make it on time for this event.

Here’s a couple of questions I’m going to be asking Nolan. I hope he answers at least one of them:

– Is the convoy of buses that Joker joins as he escapes from the bank part of his scheme or just a coincidence? I can hear kids in the school buses.

– Two Face looked dead at the end of the movie but the internet is still buzzing that he might still be alive. Can you confirm?

pixel Reminder to Blu Ray Dark Knight Owners

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