Researchers Find Less Gamers in 2012

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A consumer market research group known as NDP has released a report saying that less people are playing video games these days compared to last year at this time. Here are some of the statistics they collected:

– 210 million Americans play video games

– this is 12 million less than last year

– mobile gamers comprised 22% of this number this year

– last year they were 12% of the total number

– digital gaming is up 4 percentage points to 16% of the total

Core gamers (those who play Xbox and Playstation type consoles), family and kid gamers, and PC gamers, decreased their numbers with the family and kid gaming contingent losing over 17 million in their number.

An online survey found that gamers spend an average of $48. on game discs and $15. on DLCs (digital downloads). Core gamers spent the most averaging $65. on games. According to industry analysts, recent advances in smartphone and tablet technology is a major contributor to the decrease in numbers. Despite the increase in mobile gaming, the core gamers are still considered the machine that drives the industry. Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 still dominate the market in both the physical and digital gaming arenas.

I, personally, can identify at least one reason why gaming is down lately:  Halo 4 hasn’t come out yet.

[Source: Home Media Magazine]

pixel Researchers Find Less Gamers in 2012

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