Retro Comics: Frank Miller’s Daredevil

daredevilmanwithoutfear1 Retro Comics: Frank Millers Daredevil

Most avid comic book readers has probably read this. But, as a casual reader, I barely got around to it, and I’m glad that I did. In Frank Miller fashion, the writing is superb; it is harsh and direct, it goes straight to the point.

Daredevil – Man Without Fear is like Batman: Year One. It’s Frank Miller’s version on how Matt Murdock became the Daredevil. I can see how the movie with Ben Affleck tried to go Miller’s route but failed short. Miller’s version is darker, it’s more tragic than the movie. As the reader, I was immersed into Murdock’s world; I was immersed into Hell’s Kitchen where Matt grew up. Murdock’s childhood wasn’t pleasant; he was bullied, and his father did what he could to support his child. His father worked for the mob.

The art is very 80s, I like it. Without looking at the publication date, one can tell that this book was released in that decade. Matt’s shoes resembled the big and bulky Reebok pair that I’ve always wanted. The hairdos are fluffy and somewhat scary. The sunglasses; well, see the picture above. John Romita’s art is something that I can get used to. As a fight fan, I can tell you that the boxing scenes were surprisingly realistic. I can feel the thuds of flesh and leather while the crowd cheers in the background. Romita knows how to imitate life.

Overall, a very enjoyable read. Miller and Romita makes a good duo. The minor problem I had with the story is Elektra; seems like she was plugged into the story just because….she’s Elektra. Her character didn’t do much for the story. I’m not a Daredevil fan, so maybe the writers were trying to be consistent with the Daredevil’s storyline. But, this does not take away from the overall experience I had while reading this series. If you haven’t read this yet, I highly recommend that you do.

Grade: A

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