The Return of She-Ra?

For awhile now, DC has been releasing a series of digital comic shorts (via Comixology) for the Masters of the Universe. Each digital comic dedicates a brief story to a particular character in the MOTU mythos. Very recently, a new digital short (8th in the series) was devoted to the most powerful woman in the universe: She-Ra.

Spoiler alerts abound, so do not read any further if you have not read the comic yet.

despera The Return of She Ra?

The story revolves around Adora before becoming She-Ra. In fact, Adora is not referred to as Adora, but as Despera. The Horde is in control of Etheria and Despera is brainwashed to do the Horde’s bidding. Flutterina and Shadow Weaver make cameos, but the overall issue is a nice introduction for those who were wondering where the She-Ra story has been all these years.

I found the story to be a breath of fresh air. It left me wanting more and hoping for a solo She-Ra comic. The story picks up on points that long time fans have been thinking about for awhile. What was Adora’s life like in the evil Horde before becoming the heroic She-Ra? Could there be a retelling of the story where Adora becomes She-Ra without the aid of meeting He-Man? Could there actually be a way to make the rest of the world realize how fantastic the Princess of Power storyline is?

There mostly seems to be a consensus that this digital comic was fantastic. I have been reading people’s comments from various websites, and most everyone has a positive opinion about the comic by Mike Costa and Drew Johnson. I can only hope this means we will see more of She-Ra in the future. After all, in a world where most super heroes get a second and even third lease on life, I would imagine there is room for an all new She-Ra story.

For those who are interested in purchasing this She-Ra digital comic (or any of the other MOTU digital comics) head on over to Comixology. At only 0.99 cents, it’s practically a steal.

pixel The Return of She Ra?

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