Review Of Stargirl: JSA Series 2!

SG BX FRNT 524x1024 Review Of Stargirl: JSA Series 2!

Stargirl is the “reincarnation” of JSA’s Star-Spangled Kid the former partner of her Step-Dad who is also known as Stripe–once a spandex-wearing sidekick, he now dons a Mech-suit and sidekick’s for Stargirl.

I felt the character was great and portrayed in more of a fun way in the last season of Justice League Unlimited. After the character appeared in the WB’s Smallville the interest kept growing.

The figure–which was on pre-order for a month shows that “Made in China” is becoming ‘Made for Cheap.” However, let me start with the box.

SG BX BK 512x1024 Review Of Stargirl: JSA Series 2!

When you attach a note to your order and say, choose a good package and pack it well for shipping, you expect that after your payment clears for your purchase to be as you asked. Lucky me though, I got the worse package(s) and the shipping box looked like it barely survived getting to my porch.  As the picture shows, the top of the card is bent–that wasn’t from shipping, something tells me that in order to keep YOU the buyer from being able to resell for the same price or more down the line and taking competition away from the specialty stores. THEY make “it happened in shipping to us” damage. OR, they were pissed off that I pre-ordered before they raised the price. I got 2 figures and neither are worth keeping boxed.

The window box is thin with very little support from the tape at the top of the package–which is raised towards the front. (If that isn’t a whiny-bitch, I don’t know what is!)

The inner package is a bubble for the figure that is held in with twist ties, a common practice. The bubble is glued into the backing card and once that is lifted out the ties may then be removed. Behind the figure and accessory bubble the stand is enclosed in another bubble that is also glued in place. (If you don’t have plans to take this figure out permanently, then don’t open it!

The figure itself is hard for me to be too kind with–however, because of the sweatshop labor in China to bring the savings to the specialty stores and the rip-off to YOU; each piece will be different in it’s mold and paint applications. There are a lot of chips and even some paint bubbles. Other than those flaws, the loose articulation is a bit of a problem. Stargirl’s arm did stay up for the picture though.

All-in-all, the figure isn’t all that bad, it shows the character the way she is supposed to be and the scale seems right, but that’s not the only thing I really look for, I look for quality. (I would check to see if characters had crossed eyes when I was buying G.I. Joe figures, if they did, they would stay on the shelf.)

The best I can do for this figure is between a…


Maybe a B-

pixel Review Of Stargirl: JSA Series 2!

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