Ring of Death – Damn you Micro$oft!

Earlier, I was thinking of playing Gear of War and chainsaw noobing some players online. The thought got me excited: The fright it causes your opponent (especially if they are annoying 10 year olds), the patience you need to be a camper, – oh it’s great to be a chainsaw noob.

So once I got home, I turned on the Xbox 360 and I see the “3 red lights” as M$ likes to call it. It’s more commonly known on the web as the ring of death. I uplugged the power cord and removed the hard drive. Plugged the cord back back in and I still see the ring of death.

I signed up for M$’ 2 year warranty because I already had bad experience with them. This is already my second 360. I had the first one for less than 30 days because it kept freezing on me and eventually showing the ring of death. So I called customer service and was on hold for about 20 minutes. A CS rep finally picked up and after going through all the MS tests, told me that my 360 needs to be fixed. I already knew that so I had no problem with it. What he said afterwards shocked me.

“It will take 4-6 WEEKS latest, to get your Xbox 360 back”

I asked him if he meant days, not weeks. He said, he meant weeks because they’re fixing so many systems right now but normally it’s only 10-14 days. I know he said “latest” but that pretty much meant, I won’t be getting it earlier. He also stated that they want to make sure the problem is fixed permanently before sending it back. Yeah I should really trust what they say now since I never had a defective unit before.

I told the rep I want one free month of Xbox live since I can’t use it now. I was told they’re including 3 years of extra warranty once it is fixed and that I’d get a 1 month Xbox Live subscription card.

After checking out the reliable dvdtalk forum, I came across a thread about M$ admitting that “maybe all of the units are defective”.

Here’s a link to one of the articles. Link to the dvdtalk thread.

To all the Xbox 360 owners: Sooner or later, get ready to get your console fixed. At least their warranty is good, but the wait is pretty damn long. By the time I get it back, I’ll be a real chainsaw noob in Gears.

Below is the picture of the ring of death:

mslove Ring of Death   Damn you Micro$oft!

Here’s how I feel about it:

mslove2 Ring of Death   Damn you Micro$oft!

pixel Ring of Death   Damn you Micro$oft!

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