Robots & Ice Cream Gift Set Winner :)

group Robots & Ice Cream Gift Set Winner :)

The responses we had for this contest had us laughing.  All of the participants really used their imagination and most combined the robot and ice cream!

Some went with the uber nerd fantasy such as Lataevea:

“robots eating ice cream while killing zombies now that would be EPIC”

postcard1 Robots & Ice Cream Gift Set Winner :)

Others were confused like Nancy M and who can blame them, it was a tough question!

“I like ice cream better than robots because ice cream won’t become evil and take over the world. BUT ice cream does make you gain weight, so maybe I like robots better. I can’t decide.”

But after deliberating with fellow resident writers for several hours, we concluded that Danielle B is the winner with her nobel peace prize response.

“Ice cream may contain chocolate. Chocolate is essential for the survival of the female race. Ice cream also comforts women when we have a bad day, which prevents us from killing ALL men. We need men to reproduce and keep our species alive so the world isn’t taken over by monkeys.

Men and women are also needed to build and invent new robots until such time as the robots can create themselves. Once this happens we are doomed because obviously they will take over the world, force us to be slaves, and be the end to all humanity… {unless we have a nice calm happy ice cream fed woman to install a “do not kill humans” switch… but that is another story. }

So, lets recap: Ice cream will prevent the world from being taken over by murderous robots that will use human’s as slaves until we are extinct.

Obvious winner (for the good of the human race…. not based on pure awesome human killing power…) : ICE CREAM!

Ice cream = peace on earth”

Danielle covered all the angles for a world peace, including the secret  to a pissed off woman’s heart and also acknowledging that males are somewhat smarter than monkeys.  But what made her answer better was her subtle Terminator reference.  Only if Danielle was John Connor’s advisor, the T-800 wouldn’t have be so deadly!

Thanks again to all the participants, we really enjoyed the comments!

Special thanks to for the contest.  Make sure to visit their site and check out the cool products.  Also add them on twitter for the latest news on robots and ice cream!

pixel Robots & Ice Cream Gift Set Winner :)

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