Scarlett: G.I. Joe Renegades!

Scarlett 1 782x1024 Scarlett: G.I. Joe Renegades!

Shana “Scarlett” O’Hara has been with the G.I. Joe team since 1982, she had once had straight arms with 1 simple bend that was prone to cracking and the partial body of a male figure.  Over the past 30 years Scarlett has evolved from a basic action figure, to having “NEW” Swivel Arm Battle Grip to full articulation and an anatomically correct body.

Scarlett 2 823x1024 Scarlett: G.I. Joe Renegades!

The G.I. Joe Renegades figure line features a great card with cartoon art of the character and show specific file cards.

Scarlett 3 645x1024 Scarlett: G.I. Joe Renegades!

Scarlett has an awesome sculpt that brings the cartoon character to action figure form. She has full articulation, a back hole for accessories and a few weapons including a good version of her crossbow and the “Renegades” specific blaster pistol. A figure stand is included also, this stand appears to be part of the modern line of action figures without anything different for the Renegades line.

Scarlett 4 646x1024 Scarlett: G.I. Joe Renegades!

The G.I. Joe Renegades Scarlett figure is one of my favorites for its sculpt and package graphics both front and back. Scarlett is a must have for collectors because of the quality and also because of the fact that she was one of the original figures in the G.I. Joe line.

GRADE: A (For Awesome!)

pixel Scarlett: G.I. Joe Renegades!

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