Sci-Fi News: Space Battleship Yamato

Star%2BBlazers%2BMovie Sci Fi News: Space Battleship Yamato

Son of loaded Oracle founder, David Ellison and his film company Skydance Productions is trying to get the rights to a 70’s animated TV series called Star Blazers which was based on the anime Space Battleship Yamato.  He’s hoping to turn it into a live action feature film.  Ellison and his Skydance funded half of True Grit for Paramount which has brought in $165 million domestically so that puts him in a nice position to negotiate.

Other projects Ellison’s got going include funding the next Mission Impossible, another Jack Ryan installment starring Chris Pine, and a collaboration with Dark Horse Comic on The Strange Case of Hyde.  Currently, there is a live-action Japanese version of Space Battleship Yamato out and it is reportedly doing well in theaters internationally.  I’m all for sci-fi movies, especially if they’re done right, so bring it on Mr. Ellison!

Space Battleship Yamato Trailer (ESL Version)

0 Sci Fi News: Space Battleship Yamato

[Source:  Deadline]

pixel Sci Fi News: Space Battleship Yamato

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