SDCC Exclusive Orko And Prince Adam!

The ever popular San Diego Comic Convention is just around the corner and it’s featuring the best of the best exclusives.

Orko and Prince Adam SDCC Exclusive Orko And Prince Adam!

Orko, Prince Adam is laying at the bottom of the box.

So, here’s one of the best. It’s Orko from the Masters of the Universe Classic’s collection. Orko features color-changing plastic that makes him go from translucent red to clear. He comes with a stand and his magic wand, a spell book–and this odd accessory laying at the bottom of the package…Oh damn! It’s Prince Adam! Well, that doesn’t make sense… Orko is the star of the show and Prince Adam is an added bonus? Adam features his maroon sword and his jacket resembling the 80’s figure

Orko was always good for a laugh, now apparently he is more than just court jester, he has trumped over He-Man’s alter ego Prince Adam and became the main figure in the two pack.

Personally, I think it would have been best to have them side by side for collectors who keep their figures packaged.

After the convention, Orko will be available (for 5 minutes) on in his classic colors and not change color.

Cool figures–not the best set-up.

pixel SDCC Exclusive Orko And Prince Adam!

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