September DVD Picks

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I decided to start a monthly rundown (week by week) of my DVD picks.  Yes, I know it’s not quite September yet, but with this advance heads-up, you’ll have some time to save up some cash… here we go !!!!!!!!!

September 2nd

The Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow:  I really enjoyed the Ultimate Avengers animated films and this latest DVD release has the kids of the original Avengers in it and looks well-worth checking out.  Some nifty animation on the trailer, which can be found on

Fist of Legend:  Jet Li classic is being released again, this time by the fine folks at dragon dynasty….easily one of Li’s best films.

September 9th

The Forbidden Kingdom:  Vastly underrated martial arts fantasy with Jet Li and Jackie Chan kicking butt in tandem and against each other. 

Smallville: The Complete Seventh Season:  Uneven season of Smallville is still one of the better shows on the air.  Features the Black Canary’s arrival and the demise of an important central character (or two).

The Fall:  Tarsem’s visually stunning fantasy drama is one of the best films of the year so far.  A must see!

The Big Lebowski:  The DVD set that comes inside the bowling ball is totally badass.  Well worth getting if you are a fan and don’t already own the DVD.

Pumpkinhead: Collector’s Edition:  Underrated horror flick with Lance Henrikson gets a DVD upgrade.

The Life and Times of Mr Perfect:  A MUST buy for any wrestling fan, Mr Perfect was a true great technical wrestler and polished performer.

Night Watch & Day Watch (Blu Ray)-  Two terrific Russian fantasy-horror films get the blu ray treatment….if you have a player these films should look amazing on it.  Enjoy !

September 16th

Speed Racer- By no means a great or even a good film….but I enjoyed it for what it was.

Young @ Heart-  Everyone who has seen it raves about this documentary, so I can’t wait to catch up with it on DVD.

Snow Angels- David Gordon Green (pre-Pineapple Express) film with loads of critical adoration, it looks well worth checking out. 

September 23rd

Sex and the City-The Movie-  For people who enjoy torture, this thing runs almost 2 1/2 hours.  I’d rather pay a dominatrix than watch this piece of crap.  There’s only so much pain I can tolerate.

Friday The 13th: The Series- The complete first season of the syndicated horror series that I used to watch every weekend as a kid……I can’t wait to see it again after so many years.

ICarly Season One, Volume 1-  Sadly, I really like this hip Nickelodeon series with Miranda Cosgrave of Drake and Josh fame.  Good stuff for the tween set and not bad for the adults either.

September 30th

Iron Man-  A solid (if slightly overrated) and very entertaining superhero film with a terrific performance from Robert Downey Jr….and no compelling villains to speak of……evil Arab terrorists and a sneering Jeff Bridges didn’t do much for me.

Taxi to the Dark Side- The best documentary Oscar winner finally hits DVD.  It looks powerful and extremely depressing as it details the torture of prisioners at Gitmo… evil prison that should have been shut down ages ago.

Can’t Hardly Wait (10th Anniversary Edition)- Special edition of the vastly underrated teen comedy….go ahead and snag a copy I won’t tell anyone.

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