Shadow Of The Colossus 3D On The Right Path

shadow of the colossus top Shadow Of The Colossus 3D On The Right Path

Couple of weeks ago, I talked about ICO and Shadow Of The Colossus 3D being released sometime this year for the PS3.  I thought it would be released in Fall but Gamespot is reporting it’ll be released in Spring, that’s in a couple of months!  They also tried out the game and here’s what they had to say about Colossus

The remastered game looks outstanding thanks to sharper textures that bring the game’s world to vivid life. The improved visuals are further complemented by a smooth frame rate, which is much more stable than in its PlayStation 2 predecessor. Like Ico, the game played just as well as we remember it. The implementation of 3D in Shadow of the Colossus bears some calling out because it really adds to the game’s visual impact. The upgraded visuals and 3D effect make for a stunning combination, especially when you’re fighting the colossi. We have to say we were very impressed by how 3D has been worked into the game without coming across as forced.”

I’m glad the framerate is fixed.  That was the biggest problem of the first game.  Hopefully the camera will be better too but either way, I can’t wait to play this game on HD!

pixel Shadow Of The Colossus 3D On The Right Path

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