Sharp Things: Ultra Violet Sword!

UltraV Poster Sharp Things: Ultra Violet Sword!

In 2006 moviegoers were treated to one of the most colorful futuristic movies ever made. Featuring Milla Jovovich as the title character Violet; this movie takes you on a wild ride of action and special effects that doesn’t stand still for long.

UltraV SWD 1024x274 Sharp Things: Ultra Violet Sword!

Ultraviolet Sword.

One of the things I enjoyed most about the movie was the sword Violet used. This long slab of steel, forged in a rectangular fashion with all three edges sharpened sports a solid, leather wrapped handle and no hand guard. The concept for the sword was amazingly fascinating. Engraved on one side of the blade is her script…I mean runes that I have no idea what they say or stand for. I checked the whole internet and listened carefully watching the movie and there is NOTHING! But, it looks cool!

The weapon is 41 inches long and is an exact replica of the movie prop, (the prop of course was probably aluminum or plastic). The weight of the sword gives it a lot of heft and lets the one holding it know that it’s not going to break anytime soon; still, I don’t recommend reenacting the movie, someone will get killed (or hurt really bad!)

The sword also includes a scabbard made from heavy wood, it is black with the same writing across it that is on the blade. To finish off, the sword comes with a display stand that can really stand up to daily movement on the coffee table–apparently a sharp, pointy, bright shiny blade doesn’t seem to bother cats that want to sleep somewhere!

Regardless of what people think of the movie, I really enjoyed it–it’s visually stimulating. I’ve also read the book which was very close to the movie except for some extra back story about the characters.

UltraV1 1024x716 Sharp Things: Ultra Violet Sword!

Ultraviolet: Movie And Novel.

Ultraviolet was and still is a very interesting property that could have spawned more than a movie, book and sword. However, it didn’t make much money in the theaters so I guess it’ll be considered a B-movie or cult classic and fans shouldn’t wait on the edge of their seat for a sequel, toy line or trading card game.

WEAPON: Ultraviolet Sword (Violet’s Sword).

HIGH’S: Heavy (sturdy), replica of what you see in the movie, well-detailed and comes with a stand.

LOW’S: The leather wrapping of the grip loosens and moves around, but you can slide it back.

SHIPPING: A full color box that advertises what’s inside (thank goodness the postman didn’t leave it on the porch and I was home for it!)


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