She-Ra: Princess of Power!

For years I’ve been trying to get a hold of a decently carded She-Ra from the vintage Princess of Power toy line and that day has finally come!

SheRa Vint 1 658x1024 She Ra: Princess of Power!

She-Ra: The Most Powerful Woman in the Universe, is the sister of He-Man OR her true identity of Princess Adora is the sister of Prince Adam, the true identity of He-Man: The Most Powerful Man in the Universe. (Of course, most of you already know that)!

She-Ra is copyrighted 1984 and is an action doll, she was built like an action figure but has rooted hair and cloth clothing. She-Ra includes a multitude of accessories including her tiara with glittery stickers, a fabric cape, a fabric skirting and sculpted into the figure is the main part of her white dress that has a crystal embedded into the stomach area.

She-Ra’s included weapons are a small Sword of Protection with crystal above the handle, a gold shield and a little pink hairbrush to straighten out her rooted locks.

SheRa Vint 3 926x1024 She Ra: Princess of Power!

Behind She-Ra is a mini comic called “The Story of She-Ra” and features her origin. Although this comic is in the package with the figure, I had acquired this one over a year ago, so it gives me one to read if anything and cost me next to nothing.

SheRa Vint 2 683x1024 She Ra: Princess of Power!

She-Ra’s card features great art on both the front and back. The back of the package has an “also available” of most of the characters including the Crystal Castle.

SheRa Vint 5 632x1024 She Ra: Princess of Power!

…And here is poor, old, played with She-Ra who I  gave a major cleaning to.  She-Ra still has her sword, but she’s going to need restoration and that is my plan.

I would consider getting She-Ra Graded by the AFA, however the card would only get a 60, if I was really lucky, a 70. The bubble would be 80+ and the figure 85 or even 90+, the final grade would be between 70 and 80 which would be good for a figure copyrighted 1984, but still, there really is no need because I have a figure “case” that was pretty cheap and it is made very strong. The carded She-Ra fits in the case perfectly and it even keeps the card mostly flat…best $5 investment I ever made.

This isn’t a review, this is an archive, I wanted to share a great memory from my childhood and a piece of my collection that I actually had to be patient to get; which causes it to mean a lot to me. I realize that the original She-Ra is girly–the MOTU Classics probably is too, but its more than just a doll, it’s a piece of history, something to be remembered and what better way to remember such a thing than for it to be the way it was on the toy shelves in the 80’s…

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