Shirt Review: Bigfoot I Want To Believe

I Want to Believe” is the title that Threadless gave this shirt, and it makes sense. The shirt design is amazingly goofy, but in a good way. It consists of mythical creatures like the Bigfoot, Lochness monster, and UFOs.

The style of the design is fun and sarcastic, a little like a spray paint wall graffiti. It’s definitely something our grandmas would wear. And, that’s what makes it funny. The Bigfoot is carrying an Alien like a baby, obviously parodying classical religious paintings. To be honest, the art raises more questions than answers, which I think is the point. One thing is for sure, you will get a lot of comments wearing this, as I did. It’s usually “nice shirt, what’s going on there?”

believe01 Shirt Review: Bigfoot I Want To Believe

As far as the fit goes, Threadless shirts are always comfortable, and snugs to our perfectly chiseled nerdy bodies very comfortably. The print looks thick on picture because of all the colors involved, but it’s actually thin and light. For more details about the shirt quality, check out my other review here. It’s the same style and fit.

I highly recommend this shirt, for people that want to believe.

Grade: A

pixel Shirt Review: Bigfoot I Want To Believe

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