Shirt Review: Minecraft Bad Weather Shirt

threadless01 Shirt Review:  Minecraft Bad Weather Shirt

– Minecraft by Threadless (Bad Weather)

I will admit that I am not a Minecraft player. I know what it is, as I’ve seen videos of the awful graphics that they have on youtube. Put down the pitchforks and let me finish. I do understand what the hype is about. Building whatever one wants in an open game, is every Nerds’ dream come true.

Without knowing much about the game, let me tell you, that this is an awesome shirt. I wore it around first day I got it, and was getting compliments. I wasn’t sure if they just liked the design or liked the game, or both. Someone eventually informed me why the shirt is funny. I just thought it was cool. But, there’s a story behind it after all.

The character is a monster from the game called Enderman. It steals your goods, and comes after you if you make eye contact with it. His weakness is water, which is why, in the shirt, he is carrying an umbrella.

The shirt quality is superb. It’s very comfortable, and it snugs the body well. The fabric is extremely soft of medium weight, not too thick and not too thin. I can wear this at a party or at work, it’s good either way.

I am between a Large and a Medium. We received Larges from Threadless. So, I dried it at warm on purpose to shrink it down a little. Now, it fits perfectly. But, if your shirts already fits you nicely, i would recommend maybe drying it at the lowest heat, and do it a few times. I would also ask Threadless for advice, their customer service is prompt.

I highly recommend this shirt to everybody that likes good quality fun shirts.

Grade: A+

pixel Shirt Review:  Minecraft Bad Weather Shirt

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