Silent Hill Halloween Maze is a Fright

Silent Hill Maze Ad Silent Hill Halloween Maze is a Fright

Yep, it’s that time of the month again when blood, mood swings, and anxiety is in the air. Yep, you guessed it, it’s the time of year that venues all over are taking advantage of the month of Halloween by turning their empty buildings into scary mazes. We have Knott’s and Universal competing against each other along with the Queen Mary. But there’s one I’d like to mention that easily rivals them, and it’s the Silent Hill maze at the Sinister Pointe Haunted Attractions in Brea, CA. Check out the link for hours of operation.

If you’re a fan of Silent Hill and Halloween, than this maze is for you. Silent Hill Haunted Attraction is based on the game and movie and I was able to check out the maze on opening night. It was pretty close to closing time and my friends and I were the only ones left in the maze, so that could be the reason why it was the creepiest maze I’ve been in, since we felt all alone in a big dark and scary maze.

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Many creatures from the Silent Hill movie and games were featured in this attraction. I don’t want to spoil the ending, but let’s just say that I would rather backtrack all the way to the entrance of the maze, then go through there (OK, here’s a hint, it relates to the image used at the top). Pyramid Head and the gang are unleashed into the darkness to haunt and scare you, and it’s up to you to find a way out. Since we were the only ones in, we were able to take our time and didn’t feel rushed to complete it quickly. The maze took us about 15 minutes to finish.

During the maze, I was a little bit distracted by the ceiling, since you can tell you’re in a warehouse-type building, with the speakers looping creepy music with some dead air in between.

Silent Hill Maze Group Pic Silent Hill Halloween Maze is a Fright

Once the maze is done, you have an option of purchasing your Silent Hill pics at the kiosk outside for memory safekeeping.

The Silent Hill Haunted Attraction is definitely worth checking out for fans of Halloween mazes and the Silent Hill games. Also featuring at the Sinister Pointe attraction is the Fear maze. I wasn’t able to check it out, but if you get both Fear and Silent Hill, you save $6. One ticket would cost you $13. Pick your poison.

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