Silly Rabbit, Silly String is for Soldiers

80108079 0113 Silly Rabbit, Silly String is for Soldiers

Well I was looking for ideas for my outfits that I wanted to do for a convention, and one of the props that was on the list was Silly String.

Ahh, Silly String, a canister that shoots out party-colored foamy string. Such a simple concept that has brought joy to an entire generation of kids. There are many different variations of this neat little toy.  It’s not just for kids. Grown ups use it for all kinds of occasions, like weddings and bachelor parties.

spiderman Silly Rabbit, Silly String is for Soldiers

The last best use of Silly String that I saw was for a Spider-Man web shooter. By doing the trademark Spidey web shooting hand gesture on the contraption, streamy strings will shoot out like Spider-Man, only you can’t swing and tie-up baddies.

But recently, after searching for Silly String on Google, I’ve encountered many numerous articles about how the military is using Silly String to save lives. A marine sent a message to his mother about donating Silly String over in Iraq. As it seems, Silly String can be used to detect trip wires. Now the mother is doing a donation drive for Silly String to be collected and sent to her son in Iraq.

Well, the next time you go out bomb hunting, just know that Silly String is here to help you.

pixel Silly Rabbit, Silly String is for Soldiers

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