Rumor: Sim City 5 (2013)

wkjpg 21208.nphd Rumor: Sim City 5 (2013)

German gamer mag Game Star is reportedly leaking information that EA’s next project is a Sim City game due out next year.  No reports yet as to what platform but a rumor went around in May of last year that it was to be a Facebook game to reclaim the environment building genre from Farmville. Not a good idea in light of lagging Facebook game play and the failure of Sim City Societies in 2007.

What information is available include details about a multi-player mode, a new graphics engine called Glassbox, buildings that can be updated and rounded roads. Fueling the rumor are a couple of recent tweets by EA big wigs like the following posted by EA’s senior PR Eric Reynolds:  “…more information will be appearing over the next few weeks on the Game Changers Facebook page but there’s already rampant speculation suggesting that it’ll be a new SimCity … Anyone up for some more SimCity?”

The game is being developed by Maxis who is expected to break the news at the upcoming 2012 Game Developers Conference next week.  Here are some screenshots:

 Rumor: Sim City 5 (2013)

 Rumor: Sim City 5 (2013)

SimCity5610 Rumor: Sim City 5 (2013)

241509 sim city 5 Rumor: Sim City 5 (2013)


shot33v196nz Rumor: Sim City 5 (2013)



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pixel Rumor: Sim City 5 (2013)

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