Smallville’s Top 10 Episodes

 Smallvilles Top 10 Episodes

Smallville is one of my favorite series on the air.  It’s just about to start its 8th (and most likely, final) season on Thursday, September 18th on The CW Network.  I wanted to take the time to do a top ten list.  These are my ten favorite episodes of the series in order, and as a longtime fan, it wasn’t easy.

Top 10:

1. Run- Clark meets a young version of The Flash in this flashy and fast-paced episode written by Jeph Loeb.  Smallville at its most fun.

2. Red- Clark is exposed to red kryptonite and it changes his personality in this fan favorite episode from way back in season 2.  Tom Welling gets a chance to sneer it up as a badass Clark Kent and it features the single most memorable/hilarious image from the series so far, Clark on a motorcycle wearing a leather jacket and smirking in his biker shades. 

3.  Justice-  Another terrific stand alone episode with a lot of clever action, effects and some fan favorite heroes coming together to stop Lex Luthor and his evil Project 33.1.  Props to Michael Rosenbaum here for going closer to the comics Lex than usual and for referencing George Bush and the war on terror, by referring to the Justice League as “terrorists”.

4.  Rosetta- The great (and greatly missed) Christopher Reeves guest stars as a mysterious scientist named Virgil Swann who tells Clark about his heritage and possible destiny.  A classic, well-written passing of the torch episode.

5.  Reckoning- The episode where we lost Pa Kent, played with a lot of heart and surprising genuine emotion by the underrated John Schneider of Dukes of Hazard.

6.  Perry- Michael Mckean steals every scene as a younger (and often drunk) version of the future boss of the Daily Planet, Perry White.  The real-life husband of Ma Kent (Annette O Toole) did a terrific job and I’m hoping he returns to Smallville before it finishes its run.

7. Onyx- Michael Rosenbaum gets a chance to shine in this take on The Man in the Iron mask where Lex is split in two and a darker Lex takes control.  Rosenbaum is pure evil in this episode and he gets one of the best lines of the series.  ” You were right about me all along, Mr Kent.  I am the villain of the story”

8.  Descent- This is the episode that changed everything.  Lex Luthor goes down the path of darkness and can never return and the final scene at the cemetary with Clark watching over him letting him know that he will always be around to stop Lex.

9.  Pilot- The 90 minute pilot episode is far from perfect (Welling is green, acting-wise) and the episode is a bit too much “Superman’s Creek”, but its still a fine jumping-off point for what has really been a good series for the last 7 seasons.

10.  Heat-  This is a very clever (and funny) episode where Clark gets his heat vision…..and its triggered by his hormones.  He has “problems” controlling…uh, it.  A very cool (and easy to relate to) metaphor for any teen going through puberty. 

pixel Smallvilles Top 10 Episodes

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