Snake’s Last Stand…Stands on Top

dirtysnake Snake’s Last Stand…Stands on Top 

This week the NPD Group has released software and hardware sales for the month of June 2008.  Snake, as it seems, is still standing and I’d like to shout out, whoohooo!!  

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots debut at the top spot with 774,600 copies sold, while the next game down on the list sold 422,300 copies which was the Guitar Hero game for the DS. 

Before GTAIV came out, many people expected the sales of the 360 and PS3 to go through the roof, including me.  When the game finally came out, its sales were record breaking and it was well received by the gaming community.  All this hoopla, yet the sales for the hardware didn’t skyrocket and both were still outsold by the Nintendo Wii COMBINED!

Then came MGS4 and the PS3 sales went higher and beat the 360 2:1. It is almost catching up to the Wii with 405k units sold compared to the Wii’s 666k sold.  Let’s not forget that the PS3 is a more expensive system.  I’m assuming the PS3 made $162 million while the Wii made $166 million.  Not too shabby.;title;0

pixel Snake’s Last Stand…Stands on Top

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