Snoop Dogg Hates Hackers And Viruses

snoop1 Snoop Dogg Hates Hackers And Viruses

Snoop Dogg has teamed up with Norton to stop phishing, hacking, malware and virus attacks.  They want you to participate in the fight by submitting a 2 minute rap video online at  The winner will be chosen on Oct 20, 2010, based on the lyrics and the style.  The winner will meet Snoop in L.A. for 2 nights and hang out with him. 

Many people think Snoop  is just a rapper but he’s actually pretty smart.  He led his son’s football team to 2 straight championships, made a $20,000  bet against UFC President Dana White when Lakers were playing Boston in the finals.  Snoop won off course and the money went to the football team.  And of course, he’s been in several movies including Training Day and Bones.

So if you think you can rap about malwares and viruses, make sure to submit a video.

pixel Snoop Dogg Hates Hackers And Viruses

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