Soundwave Movie Toy Unveiled

 soundwave Soundwave Movie Toy Unveiled

Almost 2 years later and Michael Bay graces us with another Transformers movie. Over at Empire, they have new pics up of Soundwave and Bumblebee in toy form. Bumblebee is still a Camaro but with upgrades. But we don’t really care about that now do we?

31794 Soundwave Movie Toy Unveiled

The one that fans are all excited about is the unveiling of Soundwave and his design. In the original, he was a Walkman tape deck. He was almost going to be in the first movie, but Frenzy took his role as the sneaky transforming music player.

Since Bay’s Transformers can’t magically shift in size from disguise mode to robot, it would be lame if Soundwave transformed into a human size robot; since in the cartoons, he’s the same size as Megatron, leader of the Decepticons. Judging from the pics, his alternate form is some form of alien jet. With that said, I hope that he has a sweet sound system installed, preferably an open back door for Frenzy to enter.

pixel Soundwave Movie Toy Unveiled

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