Spartans at Dragon*Con

dragonconx Spartans at Dragon*Con 

Here’s an article about Dragon*Con on USA Today.

USA Today Article

 I’m so choked up right now, sniff sniff.  I’m proud to see my other Spartan brothers and sister representing in the East Coast.  Draon*Con takes place in Atlanta, Georgia, and is the biggest convention for anything nerd related.  From comics to games to movies. 

Yeah, I wish I had a chance to go.  I would say it’s the biggest Spartan cosplay gathering ever.  And a good one at that since everybody’s outfit is high quality and everyone worked out hard to show off their Spartan abs.  We will kick all sorts of asses including the stormtroopers and the hobbits, haha.  Peace out.

pixel Spartans at Dragon*Con

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