Need for Speed to be a Full-Length Feature Film

first need for speed undercover image Need for Speed to be a Full Length Feature Film

Dreamworks has acquired the rights to make a Need for Speed movie based on the 6 billion dollar EA video game franchise, beating out studios like Sony and Warner Brothers. Real Steel scribe John Gatins came up with the story along with his bro George, who will be writing the script as well. Scott Waugh (Act of Valor) will be directing. Production is set to start early next year with a projected 2014 release date.

One can’t help but think this will just be another Fast & Furious. So the tough part will be finding a way to make the story stand apart from its predecessor. There have been a slew of films in recent years that center around driving like, well, Drive, Faster, Gone in 60 Seconds… So will it have a bromance like Fast & Furious or will they center the film around girls who like to drive (which honestly, there are a lot of these days). A romance is almost a given, considering it’s an American film.

I’m a little skeptical, though, as for some reason, they don’t usually take the time to write a good story for driving films. Drive was the best I’ve seen in a long time but there was a lot of reference to Steve McQueen’s Bullitt and it definitely had that noir feel. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of story they come up with and who will be cast in the starring roles.

[Source: Deadline, dt]

pixel Need for Speed to be a Full Length Feature Film

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