Spoiler-free Review….Twilight: Breaking Dawn

twilight saga breaking dawn HD Spoiler free Review....Twilight: Breaking Dawn

Beds are made to be broken.  Is that a saying?  Well, I’m not some huge Twilight fan or anything so this spoiler-free review will be unbiased, for the most part. I guess the first question that should be addressed is: does Breaking Dawn live up to all the hype?  Answer: pretty much, yeah.

Fans will be over the moon, so to speak, as Breaking Dawn is definitely more mature and more sophisticated than the first three films. Little Bella Swan’s all grown up now.  The former teen angst flick has blossomed into a full-fledged drama.  There’s still a couple scenes thrown in for comic relief which are admittedly pretty funny and those thirsting for some vampire-style violence should be fairly appeased as well. Plus, Taylor Lautner has finally learned how to act!  No really, he was entirely believable this time around.

Without giving too much away, it’s safe to say there’s no who’s- the-daddy storyline to worry about.  I think Bella made it pretty clear in the past two films who she’s chosen.  But I can’t help but find her Edward obsession a little less than romantic at times because of the fact that he is a vampire. The way she looks at him sometimes makes me think that he just glamored the hell out of her (pardon the True Blood reference) and her “love” is something more on the dark and sinister side, like she’s been Jedi-mind-tricked.

But I found Breaking Dawn to be a pretty logical progression from the past three films, as if the actors and the production itself have matured right along with Bella in the story.  It’s all coming together and gelling more naturally this time around.  My only complaints are the very last scene before the credits (which is exactly like another huge film that I won’t mention) and the symphonic score which was a little distracting and over the top in the beginning.  But then the film quickly settled into its more comfortable music video style cinematography colored by songs that fit well with the action.  All in all, a pretty decent effort and I only spent half the time making fun of this one while I was watching it.  Rating:  B.  Oh, and don’t forget to stay for the teaser at the end of the credits.


pixel Spoiler free Review....Twilight: Breaking Dawn

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