Squidbillies-Volume Five: DVD Review!

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Squidbillies, the most screwed up animated show from Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim evening block was rather enjoyable for someone like myself who has never watched it before the DVD. Although I saw many commercials, I just didn’t have interest in it mainly because as a fan of Anime, I’ve become an animation snob and don’t care too much for something so primitive.

Unbelievably funny, Squidbillies can take a non-fan to a constant watcher after just one episode. VERY adult and probably something to keep away from the kids without parental guidance, this animated will split your sides as you laugh yourself silly!

The main characters are a family of genetically altered squids that are—you guessed it, Hillbillies! Early is the head of the shack who wears many different kinds of hats—and I don’t mean that he does different kinds of jobs. These hats include phrases that are either sexist, criminal, religious and probably somewhere in there, raciest. “If Dar-Wins, We Lose” sporting a picture of Jesus. And, from the cover of the DVD, “Booty Hunter” with a silhouette of a woman having her bottom regions targeted.

Another character is Rusty who is probably the only one who is sensible and tries to be better than his family by getting an honest job and taking care of his girlfriend by not beating on her or getting her pregnant and leaving, however these good intentions are always turned negative by Early (his Dad)? {You never know}!

Squidbillies is a parody of the way stereotypical Hillbillies think such as beating your wife, guns, getting drunk all the time, guns, not working, guns, living in a shack, guns, monstrous trucks, guns, more guns and other forms of hate and stupidity that can make for a long list.

Gory, bloody, messy and full of over the top comedy, Squidbillies has some nasty visuals that just add to the fun in this 10 episode DVD. The picture is DVD clear and the sound is as good as your speakers can handle.
Packed with special features including a look at the art, music, voice cast and even a bonus episode based off of the episode “Trucked Up!”

For a hard poke into the mind of a right-wing nut, you have to check out Squidbillies, it’ll be the most fun you ever had! Own it on DVD today!

GRADE A- (It’s just a shock that I watched it to begin with, but I laughed so hard that it deserves a grade of gratitude)!

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