Star Wars Burger Only In France

DARK BURGER QUICK Star Wars Burger Only In France

A Belgian fast food restaurant in France called Quick is offering Star Wars burgers for the release of Episode 1: 3D in March.  The burgers have character themes to them.  There’s Darth Maul, that doesn’t resemble any of the bad guy’s colors or double edged lightsaber.  Then there’s a Jedi burger consisting of Yoda, this one actually has greenish sauce and organic toppings so it fits with the master’s character.  The last one is the best, Darth Vader!  Complete with a black bun and tomatoes to match his red lightsaber.  I don’t know much these are going to cost but Darth Vader burger looks great.

DARK VADOR BURGER Star Wars Burger Only In France

Maybe McDonald’s or Burger King will follow Quick’s footsteps and make their own Star Wars themed burgers.

Source: Huffington Post

pixel Star Wars Burger Only In France

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