Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5 Premiere Review

Epguide501 Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5 Premiere Review

Star Wars: The Clone Wars has returned for a 5th season, this show is a prime example of a TV series that started out kind of meh, but grew into something really good and worthy of the Star Wars name and if the rest of season 5 can be as good as the premiere, we are in for a treat.

Revival as the episode is titled continues the story line from the season 4 finale, Darth Maul has returned and now he and his brother Savage Opress are murdering Jedi across the galaxy, now Obi-Wan and his partner Adi Gallia are sent in to hunt them down and kill them.

What I appreciated upon watching the premiere for the first time is that the show is growing darker as it slowly approaches Episode 3, this time we see Maul and Opress do some very brutal things and without spoiling it, you guys are gonna see some limbs fly off and blood all in uncensored glory.

The villains of the episode are also different from the others, they aren’t there to win the war in the name of Palpatine or the Separatists, those guys are there just to kill Jedi and make their lives a living hell, also we see Obi-Wan, who’s usually the calm one get angry as he fights these two, one of them did kill his master after all.

Lightsabers fight continue the series new trend of toned down, more realistic battles, they’re betterchoreographed, more personal and like I said earlier more brutal, it also showed you how the Jedi and Sitharen’t invincible and ordinary people can take them down if organized well.

The animation has also significantly improved, Maul and Savage look awesome and if you look at Maul’s eyes while he talks, they look so creepy and they sent shivers down my spine, even Obi-Wan who’s ironically the only human in the episode looked really good, that’s surprising since CG has a problem with making normal people not look like plastic dolls.

One big issue I had was Adi Gallia, she’s a character we’ve seen only once and her partnership with Obi-Wan is no where near as interesting as the Obi-Wan/Ventress team up at the season 4 finale, I also didn’tlike how Maul does these over dramatic motions with his hands while speaking, its too exaggerated and makes him seem goofy when hes supposed to be scary.

Also the big battle between the pirates lacked impact, it was over too quickly, resolved to easily and the characters in this show continue to be terrible shots.

All in all this is a fantastic start to a new season, I hope the rest of it can continue to be this good and simply judging from the promotional material and this episode, a LOT of characters are going to bite the dust before this is over.


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