Star Wars: Is the End Near?

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Star Wars: Clone Wars is being released in theatres today.  Checking in on the latest reviews for the new Star Wars CG movie just puts a damper on this nerd’s face.

I’m going to watch it regardless, but just seeing George Lucas’ trend on movies lately, like the latest Indiana Jones movie and the Star Wars prequels, has made me lose “a new hope” on future Lucas film projects.

We all know the story.  The original is still admired by old and new fans alike, while the prequels are considered Banta Fodder by many.  Lucas has been milking the franchise for all its worth, sticking to the same old storyline of Anakin’s becoming of Darth Vader.  And because of this, it has become rather stale.

The last great Star Wars experience I had wasn’t in theatres, but was on the small screen from a little game called “Knights of the Old Republic.” It went into great detail in the Star Wars universe.  The game had a great plot.  It had many choices that could alter the outcome of the game.  The characters are interesting and they play off of each other very well.

What are the other reasons why it was good? Is it because Lucas wasn’t heavily involved in it? Or because it took place in a time long before the Star Wars prequel and featured entirely new characters?  Pretty much the main reason was the writers and developers knew the mythos and treat it with respect, adding their own take and pumping out a good deep story and multiple character interaction to create an involving experience where you actually feel like a jedi.

I want Lucas to stop making Star Wars films and let a new generation of directors have a crack at it.  I want George to venture into other projects other than Star Wars and Indiana Jones.  I still admire the guy, but just have him steer clear from screenwriting and directing Star Wars and Indy and let them be.

But who am I to say anything.  This is George Lucas’ baby, so I guesss he can rape our childhood tenfolds.

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