Star Wars Droid Hunt Video Slot Machines

DSC01740 1024x682 Star Wars Droid Hunt Video Slot Machines

I always found gambling in general to be pretty boring compared to playing video games.  Just sitting and staring for hours while pushing one or two buttons is not my idea of fun, even if there’s that slim chance I could win a couple hundred bucks… or a couple thousand.  The marriage of the video game and the slot machine is not too far in the distanct future, I suspect, as they have in the past year come out with an interactive slot machine called Star Wars Droid Hunt. 

One place you can find these Star Wars Droid Hunt slot machines is near the Lion Habitat inside the MGM casino in Las Vegas.  This one is a little more interactive than most reel slots where getting, say, four Jawas in a spin gives you more free spins and bonus activities that work off the touch screen. At random times while you’re playing, a Star Destroyer appears and TIE fighters will blast the symbols on your screen turning them into wild cards, which gives you even more chances to win.  While it doesn’t require as much thinking as a poker machine, the Star Wars theme definitely makes it more interesting!  Here’s a corny ad…

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