Steven Seagals Raids Cockfighting Ring

macheteseagal Steven Seagals Raids Cockfighting Ring

Steven Seagal has been on a tear lately.  First, he claimed to teach UFC middleweight champ, Anderson Silva a front kick that knocked out challenger Vitor Belfort.  Then yesterday, Seagal got attention again by busting a cockfighting ring.

“Animal cruelty is one of my pet peeves” – says Seagal in his mystical voice.

ABC News reported that it was more of a publicity stunt for Seagal’s tv show because the camera crew was already ready before the bust.  Seagal was looking outside the house and didn’t go in.  He was making sure no one could escape.  Based on how he looks in the interview, it wouldn’t hard to outrun him.  But then he’d just shoot you, Under Siege style.

Below is the video:

pixel Steven Seagals Raids Cockfighting Ring

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