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2011 12 01   WE ARE THE NIGHT 001 Streaming Review:  We Are the Night (2011)

This film was directed by the same guy who made The Wave (based on the true story of the German school teacher who conducted a Nazi experiment with his class that got out of hand). Not to be confused with Joaquin Phoenix’s We Own the Night, We Are the Night  is quite an ingenious vampire flick out of Germany.

If you can picture the Cullens as sort of the small town vampires, the We Are the Night ladies are like the big city vamps. They live a seemingly glamorous lifestyle living in a high-rise hotel, driving Lambos and partying in a club night after night.  As they say, they can drink, snort, screw and never get a disease or get addicted. It’s an interesting take on vampire life.

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As the story goes, the lead vampire, this menacing blonde looking to be approaching middle-age, is searching for a fourth lady to join their little coven. In walks Lena, a rough and tumble pick-pocket who first comes on the scene being chased by a cop after ripping off a pimp. Her pre-bite look where she’s wearing a hoodie and sporting short, short bangs is very similar to Rooney’s look in Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Actually, since this film came out first, I should say Rooney’s look is similar to hers.

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Lena’s transformation is one of the better parts of the film.  She goes through a bit of hell getting there and in the beginning, she thinks it was all worth it. But here and there the vamps show sides of themselves that are a little disturbing. It’s not all diamonds sparkling in the sun and romantic honeymoons with these ladies and why should it be?  They’re cannibalistic thieves and murderers and there’s just no blending in for them.

Keeping the gratuitous homoerotica to a minimum, We Are the Night instead focuses on the larger theme of the struggles vampires face as an unacceptable faction of contemporary society. The film is very stylized with cool camera angles and a pounding techno soundtrack. The only drawbacks are some bad voice-over acting and a little bit of predictability here and there, but overall, this was an entertaining vampire flick.  Rating:  B-

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