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Puncture is a film starring Chris Evans (Captain America) based on a true story about two lawyers who go up against the hospital supply industry after a nurse dies of AIDS from an infected needle.  After the nurse contracted AIDS, her dad’s best friend designed a needle which makes it impossible to get accidentally pricked and is impossible to use twice. The only problem is, no hospitals are willing to use the needle because their contracts with their supply companies forbid them to.  Needless to say, the hospital supply industry is against the new needle and why not?  It only saves lives, right?

Evans turns in an amazing performance as Mike Weiss, a drug-addicted lawyer who remembers through working on this case just why he became a lawyer to begin with.  Besides being so close to the tragedy of this poor nurse who contracts AIDS, part of what drives him is the idea that every year 800,000 hospital workers are accidentally pricked by needles.  This leads to the spread of other diseases like Heptatitis as well.  It is also mentioned that in Africa, the massive spread of AIDS is caused in large part by the repeated use of dirty needles.

Weiss and his partner were friends from high school but having a newborn at home, his partner starts to care more about the state of their tiny personal injury law firm. The case takes a huge toll on their finances and their friendship as the hospital supply industry shows just how far their power reaches:  to other law firms, banks, the courts and even – and especially – politicians.

This film will undoubtedly have plenty of heads shaking at the extent of corporate greed and their utter and complete disregard for human life. Chris Evans shows here that he is a multi-talented actor who can do straight-up drama as well as his usual light-hearted comedy.  The film itself is engrossing and well-written and acted. Definitely a must-see.  Rating: A.

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