Streaming Review: Residue (2015)

Set in a dystopic London, Residue is a three episode mini-series about government cover-ups and supernatural phenomenon which you can catch streaming right now on Netflix. Natalia Tena (the shape-shifter from Harry Potter and also the wildling from Game of Thrones) stars alongside Iwan Rheon, whom you might recognize as the bastard Ramsay Bolton, also of Game of Thrones.

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I was initially drawn to Residue after noticing the two actors from GOT and was intrigued to see them play characters who, in this story, are dating and in a serious, non-violent relationship. Ramsay Bolton was not my favorite character on GOT to say the least, more of someone you might love to hate, so it was a breath of fresh air to see Rheon play someone nice for a change. And his character is definitely a nice guy in this story. If anything, it’s Tena’s character that is the more standoffish and has the upper hand in the relationship.

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While the pacing of Residue is on the slower side – suspense thrillers like this one often are – there were so many other features which kept me glued. The story itself is a bit of a white-knuckler as we see unnatural things happening through the images and the eye of a photographer. There is something so incredibly spooky about photographs of haunting subjects, particularly if they’re in black and white. It really adds to the creepy effect and keeps you anxiously anticipating – or dreading – what’s coming next.

It’s a bit of a mystery as well that Tena’s character goes on a quest to solve after a bomb goes off in her neighborhood and people start turning homicidal and suicidal. Her photographs offer her clues which lead her on the trail of this dark stuff that starts showing up everywhere on the walls. Rheon’s character unwittingly works for the PR firm secretly in charge of covering up the mess.

Then there’s also a cop who starts investigating as well after his daughter dies in the initial explosion. He ultimately helps Tena’s character find some legitimacy as people, like her boyfriend, are having a hard time believing her claims.

Another appealing aspect of Residue is the cinematography, which is freaking amazeballs. The show easily has some of the best scenes and backdrops I’ve seen on a TV show in a long time.

Residue Streaming Review: Residue (2015)

Also, when part of the city becomes quarantined, long sheets of plastic – and I mean really long – are covering entire buildings and streets which is a great effect that further adds to the creepiness of this film.

I’m not going to comment on the ending except to say to just keep in mind when you’re watching that these three episodes were meant to be the pilot and that, fingers crossed, we’ll get to see more of Residue. The fact that it’s a UK project might explain the lack of critics review on Rotten Tomatoes but the audience rating is 67% which is pretty high. For me, I give this one an: A-.

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