Streaming Review: Stake Land (2010)

Stake land Streaming Review: Stake Land (2010)

I don’t know how I missed this one. It was released in April of 2011 but it didn’t come to my town, or I was too busy with school to notice. But I wish I had because I really liked Stake Land.  It’s sort of a serious cross between Zombieland and the Walking Dead except with vampires, and with a little Mad Max thrown in for good measure. Stake Land follows Mister, your seasoned badass vampire hunter and Martin, a young teen he saved the night the kid’s parents got killed, as they make their way north in search of a valhalla called “New Eden.”

It’s not quite your usual post-apocalyptic vampire story. Yes, the entire earth has been overrun and okay, there are some humans who can’t be trusted either, but it’s also a coming of age story that is refreshingly uplifting at times. While Stake Land lacks the humor and absurdity of Zombieland, it makes up for it with great acting, a nice soundtrack, and gorgeous cinematography.

Nick Damici, who plays Mister, co-wrote the script with director Jim Mickle. They worked together on another film called Mulberry St. about a viral plague that breaks out and turns people into rat-looking monsters. Connor Paolo does a great job of portraying Martin as he evolves from a timid kid into a stake-weilding man. Kelly McGillis (Top Gun) turns in a solid performance as a wayward nun who provides some semblance of a mom figure for Martin.

The different types of vampires introduced in this film also add a new dimension to the vampire genre.  With a formula as traditional as the vampire is, it’s always nice when stories can put a little twist on it. And no I’m not talking about skin that sparkles like diamonds in the sun… In Stake Land, there are little kid vampires called “Scamps” and “Berserkers,” which are the older vampires that can’t be staked in the heart because their breastplate becomes hardened.

The vampires themselves are well done with believable make-up effects and acting. Stake Land is an entertaining vampire flick, definitely one of the better ones to come out in a long time. You can catch it streaming on Netflix right now.  Rating: A.

pixel Streaming Review: Stake Land (2010)

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