StrikeForce: Carano vs. Cyborg Predictions

1196 lg StrikeForce: Carano vs. Cyborg Predictions
An out-dated poster for Strikeforce – Thompson is out due to injury, will be replaced by Ishida.

Gina  Carano vs. Cris “Cyborg” – An interesting match-up between the two female muay thai fighters. This could very well be the fight of the night. I don’t think that either fighters would take this to the ground, as both fighters have strong stand-up skills. I think that Carano will win this fight, she is slightly bigger, and just as skilled as Cyborg. Carano by KO, Rd. 1

Renato “Babalu” Sobral vs. Gegard Mousasi – This fight was suppose to happen in Affliction 3, but that show was cancelled due to Barnett testing positive for roids. I’m just glad that this fight can still happen, even if it’s 2 weeks late. As a former UFC fighter, Babalu has fought the UFC’s top fighters, like Chuck Liddell (lost both times) and Van Arsdale. He is a very well-rounded fighter but falls short of becoming a champion. This Saturday is his chance to win Strikeforce’s Middleweight belt. But, it won’t be easy since he’s fighting Mousasi. Mousasi’s fights are usually short, he finishes his fights within the early rounds. Mousasi has fought in the Middleweight, as well as the Heavyweight, which means he’s probably stronger. Mousasi should win this via TKO, I see Mousasi man-handling the smaller Babalu, and pounding his way to victory. Mousasi by TKO, Rd. 2

Gilbert Melendez vs. Mitsuhiro Ishida – A rematch between the two lightweights. In their first match, Ishida won by controlling Melendez on the ground. This time around, I think that Melendez will win this fight via control. Neither fighters are known for finishing fights, so Melendez should win via JD. Melendez by JD.

Jay Hieron vs. Jesse Taylor – This match-up started as Diaz vs. Riggs, turned into Diaz vs. Hieron, and now it’s Hieron vs. Taylor. What happened? Between Riggs getting injured, Affliction going belly-up, and Diaz not showing up for a drug test, Hieron vs. Taylor ends up on the final card. I’ve seen Hieron fight before in Affliction, he was also the former IFL champion, he is explosive and has good stand-up. But, Taylor also likes to bang, but his power is lacking on his feet. So, Hieron should win this fight because he has more power. Hieron by KO, Rd. 1

pixel StrikeForce: Carano vs. Cyborg Predictions

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