Strikeforce Elite-XC Predictions: Shamrock vs. Baroni

sham baroni Strikeforce Elite XC Predictions: Shamrock vs. Baroni

I’m really looking forward to this card. Unlike the last UFC event, this event has potential to deliver exciting fights. Furthermore, some of the matches are evenly matched. The event will be held tomorrow, 6/22/07. Keep in mind that the undercard will be shown on Showtime for free at 5p/8e, while the last 4 fights will be shown on PPV for $35 at 7p/10e. This will be a tough card to call, but here we go:

Edit: this will be a five rounder and for the Strikeforce Middleweight Belt

Frank Shamrock vs. Phil Baroni
Prediction: Phil Baroni by decision. Shamrock by submission in the 4th round. You might think Frank Shamrock is a cardio machine, but he has only fought twice in the last 3 years. Win or lose, Phil “The New York Badass” Baroni, has fought 10 times in the past 3 years. Shamrock was getting dominated by Renzo Gracie in his last fight until he resorted to illegal knees which lead to a DQ for him. If Renzo, who is far weaker than Baroni, can take Shamrock down, I don’t see Baroni having a hard time getting the takedowns. Shamrock’s predictable plan of wearing out his opponent will not work work because it’s for 5 rounds. Baroni usually gets second wind but can’t get past the 4th round.
Edit – Also 5 rounds but for the Elite XC Middleweight Belt
Murillo “Ninja” Rua vs. Joey “The Dream Smasher” Villasenor

Prediction: This is a really tough one to call and I predict this will be the fight of the night. Ninja will win a close fight by decision. Even though, Ninja is from Chute Boxe, his greatest strength is his ground game. His striking is sloppy but has been enough to be a threat. Joey is a very strong fighter and looked impressive in his last fight against “The Crow” Louiseau. This will be a back and forth fight but I believe Ninja’s relentless style will be too much for Joey.

Cung Le vs Tony Fryklund
Prediction: Let me just say this: Cung Le is a chump who fights cans. Le will win this fight by knockout in the second round. Fryklund is pretty damn old, that’s why Le chose him to be his opponent. Le never fights top fighters. Even when he was with K-1, he just kept fighting San Shou fights and never fought any well known fighters. Yes, I’m Cung Le bashing because promoters always build him up as the next superstar but in reality his record is padded by fighting cans. I hope I’m wrong on my prediction and Frykland gets the win.

Paul “The Headhunter” Buentello vs. Carter Williams
Prediction: Williams by knockout in the first round. There is no way this fight will past the first round. Both fighters are strikers but Williams is in a different level. Williams has fought the cream of the crop K-1 fighters in kickboxing and put up good fights. Buentello’s only chance in this match is to take Williams ground and go for a submission. Even if Buentello gets the takedown, I see Williams getting back up and knocking out the “Headhunter”.

Paul Daley vs Duane Ludwig
Prediction: Another hard fight to predict. This is going to be a slugfest but no one will get knocked out. Ludwig will win by decision. Ludwig is far more technical than Daley in the striking department. Ludwig will control the pace of the fight and ride out a decision.

Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett vs. Joe Boxer
Prediction: Krazy Horse by KO in the first round, IF this fight happens. Krazy Horse was arrested in Florida for parole violations and might not be released on time for the event. If this fight happens, Joe Boxer will get knocked out. Crazy Horse is too athletic, too strong and too fast for Boxer. This is a rematch with the their last fight being a draw in King of the Cage.

Mike Pyle vs. Aaron “Slam” Wetherspoon
Prediction: I don’t really know who Mike Pyle is but he has 17 fights under his belt. It seems like he is a bjj artist but also has good hands. Wetherspoon uses brute strength and has become the KOTC champion by doing so. He is constantly improving but he will lose to Pyle. Pyle’s experience will be overcome Wetherspoon’s strength and win via decision.

This event looks good on paper and hopefully it will deliver. We will be hearing the annoying Bill Goldberg color commentating again but at least he’s partnered with the always informative and honest lead commentator Mauro Renallo. Unlike UFC’s Mike Goldberg, who hypes up fights boring fights, Mauro will start bitching if the fighters don’t do crap.

pixel Strikeforce Elite XC Predictions: Shamrock vs. Baroni

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