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Robbie “Ruthless” Lawler vs. Renato “Babalu” Sobral – This is a classic match-up between a striker and a grappler. Fighting at a catch-weight of 195lbs., both fighters will be fighting for title shots in different divisions. Babalu is great at controlling his opponents on the ground, he’s a jiu-jitsu guy but prefers top control. Lawler will have a hard time keeping this fight from the ground, but he does have the better stand-up, one punch can finish this fight. But, Babalu will eventually take this fight to the ground, and submit Lawler in the 2nd round.
Babalu by Anaconda Choke – Rd. 2

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Renato “Babalu Sobral

Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos vs. Marius Zaromskis – This should be a brawl between the dynamic Zaromskis, and the heavy-handed Cyborg. Zaromskis made a name for himself in Japan for the headkicks he dished out to his opponents, including Mach Sakurai. He’s very quick, and likes to throw combinations from  different angles. He can move in and out of the pocket with ease, which can be problematic for Santos. Santos is the slower fighter, but has heavier hands. But, Zaromskis will be able to avoid everything that Santos throws at him. I see neither fighters getting finished here, but Zaromskis will win by points.
Zaromskis by JD

marius zaromskis STRIKEFORCE: LA Predictions

Marius Zaromskis KOs Sakurai with this kick.

Tim Kennedy vs. Trevor Prangley – Prangley is the more experienced of the two, but Kennedy could be the real deal. Prangley’s strong-suit is his Greco-Roman wrestling background. He will probably take this fight to the ground, and Kennedy should expect this. Kennedy is good at grappling, and needs to be constantly busy when on the ground. In the long stretch of the bout, Prangley will get tired and will be submitted by Kennedy.
Kennedy via RNC – Rd. 3

K.J. Noons vs. Conor Heun – Another match-up between a striker and a grappler. Noons is an experienced boxer, while Heun is a top student of Eddie Bravo, which means that Heun’s ground game should be very dynamic and fun to watch. But, Heun needs to take this fight to the ground first, and that can be a problem. Noons will throw combinations at Heun, making it hard for Noons to get the takedowns. Noons will throw jabs, and set-ups for body combinations. Heun will tire out and eventually get KOd by Noons.
Noons by KO – Rd. 1

6925 Noons vs Diaz STRIKEFORCE: LA Predictions
KJ Noons defeated Nick Diaz for the belt.

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