Strikeforce: Le vs. Smith Predictions

StrikeforceEvolution Strikeforce: Le vs. Smith Predictions

Cung Le vs. Scott Smith – This should be an entertaining fight because Le always entertains on his feet. But, I would like to see him tested on the ground. Smith should try to take Le down, it would be his only chance of winning. Afterall, Smith gets dropped almost everytime he takes a body punch. I don’t think that this fight will hit the ground though, Le will win via KO.
Le via KO – Rd. 2

Josh Thomson vs. Gilbert Melendez – Isn’t this their 10th million fight? It’s to the point now that I don’t care. With that said, Melendez has been more active than Thomson due to injury. This will be a ground fight, as both fighters are comfortable there. Thomson’s striking is a little bit better than Melendez’ but Melendez will succeed with the takedowns, and control the fight there.
Melendez via UD

Matt Lindland vs. Jacare Souza – This fight is between an Olympic calibre wrestler in Lindland and a world class JJ expert in Jacare. Jacare is amazing on the ground, but this is MMA. Lindland’s last outing ended with him getting KOd by Belfort in Affliction. But, his experience will win him this fight. Jacare is still new to MMA, and I don’t think that he has what it takes to submit Lindland. Lindland will out-wrestle Jacare and win this fight via ground control.
Lindland via SD

King Mo Lawal vs. Mike Whitehead – This should be an entertaining opener for the first televised fight. Whitehead is a decent striker with a lot of experience. King Mo is trying to make his mark in the MMA world. He’s been winning a lot of his recent fights, but none against top-contenders. Whitehead is somewhat of a name that can take his career to a higher level. King Mo is strong and explosive, but his ground game and stamina are suspects. Whitehead will weather the storm, and win via King Mo losing his stamina.
Whitehead via TKO – Rd. 2

pixel Strikeforce: Le vs. Smith Predictions

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